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We welcome ambitious and compassionate talents to train, to innovate, to create solutions powered by AI and Life Science.



Two Master’s Thesis Projects: 

Apply Machine Learning and Computer Vision in Genetic Diagnostics



Project 1: Research and develop an innovative solution that combines both deep learning and computer vision technics to understand medical images from clinical genetics. For this project, the student must have an outstanding competency in computer vision, in addition to deep learning skills.


Project 2: Innovate in deep learning technics in the search of a high performing classifier of processed medical images from clinical genetics. For this project, the student must be fluent with existing deep learning methods in the field.

Required competencies:


  • Pasionate for innovation, self motivated and can work independently

  • Competent in machine learning in particular deep learning 

  • Highly fluent in Python programming language 

  • With some industrial experience in software programming

  • For project I, competent in computer vision such as image processing and segmentation.

  • Excellent in oral and written English

Students will be mentored and challenged by Arkus’ exceptionally talented and compassionate engineers. Upon completion of the thesis, highly qualified students will be offered position to walk the startup journey with us.