About Arkus AI

Arkus AI is not just a startup; it’s a vision born out of passion and a deep understanding of the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Founded by a quartet of AI experts, our journey began with a shared dream: to democratise preventive genetic care, making it accessible to every individual. In today’s fast-paced world, the healthcare sector is often stretched thin, grappling with escalating costs and increasing patient loads. Arkus AI addresses these challenges head-on.

We’ve developed a dual offering: advanced digital tools tailored for healthcare providers, enabling them to serve a larger patient base efficiently, and an e-health platform for individuals, opening doors to critical genetic information and preventive care.

But for us at Arkus AI, it goes beyond just technology and innovation. At the heart of our venture lies an unwavering commitment to human well-being. Our dream is to see a world where genetic care isn’t a luxury but a standard, where everyone has the insights they need to take proactive steps toward their health. With our cutting-edge solutions, we’re not only reducing the strain on healthcare professionals but also empowering individuals with knowledge.

It’s a world where we can all live without the looming shadow of genetic ailments, embracing each day and truly living our lives to the fullest.

Key members of the team

Ying Cheng


Vladimir Li


Daniel Gillblad

AI Architect/Co-Founder

Sagal Shire

Genetic Counsellor

Mathias Fernström

Head of Software

Clinical genetics expert advisors

Svetlana Bajalica Lagercrantz

Chief advisor, Professor at Karolinska Institute, Oncology and clinical genetics

Natalia Rivera Sifaki

Advisor in genetics,
Assistant professor at Karolinska Institutet

Business and technology advisors

Lars Appelstål

Investor and advisor in
business and technology

Johan Ljungberg

Business advisor

Our core values


Every day, in every way


Innovating fearlessly


Navigating with moral clarity

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Östermalmsgatan 26A
114 26 Stockholm

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