Arkus AI partners with industry leader Medicover Genetics to innovate Al in Genetic Diagnostics

Arkus Al are excited to announce our latest partnership with Medicover Genetics Gmbh to innovate and apply AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the field of genetic diagnostics. Medicover Genetics Gmbh is part of Medicover Group, a forward-looking international leader in the healthcare and diagnostic service industries.

Armed with Medicover’s world-leading clinical genetics expertise and deep understanding of real-life problems, together with the Arkus team of exceptional Al talents, we are on track to successfully apply Al to Genetic Diagnostics to improve global health care for all.

We are thrilled to welcome the highly respected expert in clinical genetics, Dr Markus Stumm from Medicover, as our project advisor.

About Medicover:

Medicover is a leading international healthcare and diagnostic services company and was founded in 1995. Medicover operates a large number of ambulatory clinics, hospitals, specialty-care facilities, laboratories and blood-drawing points and the largest markets are Poland and Germany. In 2019, Medicover had revenue around €844 million and 28,800 employees.

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