Collaboration with Karolinska Hospital on Digital Tool for Genetic Counselling and Investigation Process

We are pleased to announce a significant development in our collaboration with Karolinska Hospital on the project “User Studies for a Digital Tool for Genetic Counselling (Användarstudier av tillämpning av digitala verktyg i den genetisk vägledarprocessen inom hälso- och sjukvård)”. This project has received ethical approval, marking a key step in our shared effort to enhance genetic counselling services.

The project’s main focus is to conduct user studies assessing the impact of Arkus AI’s digital tool in healthcare settings. This tool is designed to streamline processes and lessen the workload for healthcare staff, particularly genetic counsellors, nurses or doctors involved in the process. It also aims to empower patients with digital tools so that they can actively participate in their healthcare process. Finally, the digital tool reduces costs for healthcare providers and systems by reducing manual costs; and enables healthcare providers to save more lives by effective prioritisation and shortening long waiting queues.

Our partnership with Karolinska Hospital, renowned for its medical expertise, is an essential part of this initiative. It reflects our mutual dedication to improving healthcare through digital innovation. This collaboration will enable the practical application of our digital tool in real-world scenarios, ultimately aiming to improve patient outcomes and hospital efficiency.

As we move forward with implementing the tool in a clinical environment, our focus remains on how this technology can assist hospitals in providing better care and support to patients.

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